The Soap Connoisseur

Our Story

The Soap Connoisseur is an organic toiletries and lifestyle company, based in the heart of London. We specialize in creating and manufacturing organic soaps and body care products. We love creating environmentally friendly, skin loving skincare. Our expertly crafted Skin food are crafted by hand using traditional and artisan methods. Our aim to heal your skin through organically sourced ingredients from the UK and beyond. Our Mission is to nurture your skin using our food inspired ingredients and the uniqueness of plant base product.  Our Soaps and body products are specially formulated with ingredients free from Parabens and Sulphates. 
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Where It all Began

The Soap Connoisseur was established by Mahawa Kamara, whilst on maternity leave from a career in social work stumbled upon soap-making in looking for a skincare solution for her daughter’s dry skin. With the frustration of trying many commercial products she started making her own products with natural and organic ingredients in her kitchen. After experimenting with several formulations, she was able to teach herself traditional soap making, and soon found herself producing soaps and bathing products for family and friends.  As, the demand grew The Soap Connoisseur was born, catering to your skincare needs.