Writing for wellbeing

Join Us - FREE Workshop at Vive Living

"Wordsmiths is a social enterprise that aims to improve your confidence, creativity and self expression by providing you with the tools to exploreyour own experiences through the cathartic act of creative writing. 
We are offering 4 Creative Writing For Wellbeing workshops in the Vive Cafe next month!  
  • 5th November 19:00-20:30 FREE
  • 12th November 19:00-20:30 £5 per person
  • 19th November 19:00-20:30 £5 per person
  • 26th November 19:00-20:30 £5 per person 

The workshops are very relaxed and focus on having fun and being able to be a bit silly with your writing. Absolute beginners are encouraged because everybody has a story inside them to tell - and there is no requirement for good spelling, grammar or handwriting to do so!  You are welcome to attend all 4 workshops to get the most out of the experience, or to just come along to 1 or 2 if you prefer.

Our Mission

Wordsmiths’ mission is to improve confidence, creativity and self expression by providing everyone with the tools to explore their own experiences through the cathartic and uninhibited act of creative writing.

Our Approach

The primary focus of each session is on storytelling. At the start, every attendee receives their own journal and pen in order to encourage them to connect personally with their writing and to continue by themselves outside of the workshops. Each week will look at a general theme within creative writing (eg. characters) while the individual activities focus on self-expression and confidence building. The mental wellbeing effect that the workshops have for attendees is different for every group. For senior groups, for example, the positivity tends to come from the chance to immerse themselves in the history of their life, whereas attendees who live with anxiety often benefit most from the chance to share their work in a safe, closed group.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions info@smithwrites.co.uk