6-Week Body Transformation Challenge - 50% off

Join the 6-Week Online Body Transformation Challenge. The challenge is designed to help you:  
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Gain Lean Muscle Mass
  • Become More Active
  • Improve Fitness Levels

What will you receive? 
  • You will be assigned a PT and given an account on our mobile app
  • A 6-Week Exercise Programme in video format via our mobile app
  • Your nutrition goals will be calculated and added to your mobile app 
  • Unlimited in-app messaging with your PT to ask any questions that you may have and keep you motivated, accountable and on track. 
Duration: 6 WeeksPrice: £100.00
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"I have lost 5kg in 6 week, fit into a size down of jeans and feel positive as ever, highly recommend the programme and the coaching. 
Find out more about the programme below.
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6-Week Exercise Programme
This programe is designed to help you reduce body fat, increase your lean muscle mass and become a fitter, more confident you. Using your account on our mobile application, you will follow the programme that is in video format, checking off the workouts as you go. 
Nutritional Targets
Your nutrition targets will be calculated to help you aware of your food, control your portion sizes and understand the quality of your nutritional intake. As we all like different foods, you will not be advised on what to eat and what not to eat, yet taught on how to include your foods into your daily targets. 
In-app Messaging
You will be assigned an experienced PT, their job is to make sure that you are on track, motivated and respond to any questions that you may have throughout your programme.